Studies & Workshops

In this section, we have made available the content of studies and workshops conducted by EPC. 10/12/2014

Celsius é jogado por fornecedores da Suzano


Studies: EPC studies are structured around relevant themes towards building a low carbon economy in Brazil. After the study phase, comes a phase of dialogues to promote an exchange of views among Business Members, government representatives and specialists, aiming at formulating business proposals for public policies within the theme in question. It is from these studies and from the concerted discussions that the policy papers are generated and consolidated as publications.

The year of 2010 saw the release of the publication Business Proposals for Public Policies for a Low Carbon Economy in Brazil: Energy, Transportation and Agriculture.

As from 2011, EPC began the same process under two new themes: Waste and Industrial Processes.


Workshops: EPC workshops take place throughout its active years and, in a pioneering and innovative manner, bring together several themes around business management in the context of climate change, a subject which is still insufficiently discussed and disseminated among Brazilian businesses. In 2011, some of the themes addressed by these Workshops were:

  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Innovation in the Management of Climate Challenges.