The Companies for the Climate Platform consists of a cycle of activities that is updated according to the companies' and to Brazil's climate change agenda 10/12/2014

The Businesses for Climate Platform is composed of a cycle of activities that is renovated according to companies and Brazil’s agendas on issues related to climate change. 

The EPC acts on fou strategic lines:



Workshops with presentations, round tables and real case studies covering the development of carbon management policies and systems, in order to manage risks and leverage market opportunities in a low-carbon economy scenario, reinforcing business commitment to tackle climate challenges.

Research and Content Production


Production of studies and promotion of debates and round tables bringing experts and government officers, aiming at jointly building methodologies to calculate and manage emissions adapted to the national scenario, and elaborate business propositions for policies that encourage a low-carbon economy in Brazil.

Debates and Exchange of Experiences


Debate between member companies and the government, in order to enable the private sector collaboration in the building of public policies for a low-carbon economy in Brazil; creation of a first-of-its-kind collaboration network and building of best practices to manage GHG emissions among EPC members and partners; and participation in the Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action (CLN) international network

Mobilization and Communication


Communication strategy, knowledge sharing and announcement of EPC's and its members´s activities, aiming at extending the reach of EPC contributions, through newsletters, publications and websites; also, representation of the interests of the platform companies in the government and in international conferences.  



Follow here the activities held by the Companies for the Climate Platform in 2015.



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