Agriculture has been through a number of innovation stages to achieve the level it is right now. Currently, there is a new challenge facing the businesses that are willing to be leaders in this industry. Keep track with the low-carbon economy, mapping and managing direct and indirect emissions, promoting innovation for sustainability of their activities, and contributing to the global effort of fighting climate change.

Agriculture was one of the segments analyzed by EPC sector studies in 2010, with focus on the diagnosis and analyses of climate challenges, in the national scenario, aiming at producing policy papers to support public policies and providing tools to implement the Brazilian National Plan on Climate Change, the Brazilian National Policy on Climate Change, and Sector Plans. Read here a summary of EPC recommendations on agriculture.

Download here the study entitled 'Propostas Empresariais de Políticas Públicas para uma Economia de Baixo Carbono no Brasil: Energia, Transporte e Agropecuária ('Public Policy Propositions for a Low-Carbon Economy in Brazil: Energy, Transportation and Agriculture)