Large-scale production and technological development are features that highlight the history of industry in Brazil and in the world.

The sector, which stands as a symbol of modern society production mode, has been facing the challenge of entering the low-carbon economy in the 21st century, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the companies’ direct and indirect operations, promoting technological innovation and proactivity in order to establish a regulatory framework.

The Companies for the Climate Platform has among its lines of actions the research and development of policy papers, covering topics such as the role and the influence of the industry in the context of a low-carbon economy.

In 2011, experts and representatives of EPC member companies and government officers gathered to discuss paths to adapt industrial activities to the new economy, and also to collect data for studies and policy papers.

This work resulted in a study entitled 'Propostas Empresariais de Políticas Públicas para uma Economia de Baixo Carbono no Brasil: Processos Industriais e Tratamento de Resíduos’ (Public Policy Propositions for a Low-Carbon Economy in Brazil: Industrial Processes and Waste Treatment). Access it here